Life Mapping with Dana V. Adams


Do you believe you were meant to do something incredible with your life? 

Do you care about how you show up in the world? 

Are your values in alignment with your purpose? 

If you're feeling a tug and pull in any one direction, consider tuning into this episode of Purpose Lounge.  

Dana V. Adams is the founder of the Life Mapping Institue (LMI) and the author of "live your gift," a book that I predict will one day be on the best selling list.  She is also the creator of the ultimate companion guide, a workbook for creating your life map.

She is a highly accomplished real estate professional, author, speaker, and proud mom to four boys, and as if these accomplishments were not enough, Dana sits on the Evergreen Health Youth Mental Health Taskforce. Dana credits her success to the life mapping process.  

I recently met up with Dana to discuss life mapping and her recently published book, which is available at and  

Tune in to hear Dana's personal story, the unique approach you can take to truly harness your unique gifts, and a subject near and dear to me, mental health and the available resources for anyone in crisis. 

Highlights from the episode:

  • Life mapping as a tool to achieve joy, fulfillment, and purpose

  • How beliefs, principles, and values play into the entire life mapping process

  • Gratitude! It's a scientifically proven method for improving your health

  • Wellness as a part of living a whole and balanced life that includes body, mind, and spirit

  • Personal stories of chaos, darkness, depression, and suicide; how Dana overcame the trauma in her life and the important lessons from her mom

  • Resources for anyone who may be struggling, especially if you have children who might be in crisis (available at

If you want to learn more about Dana and the Life Mapping Institute, we encourage you to visit:

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